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Hi there! I'm Maren - singer, writer, and business coach to musicians.

You might have seen me performing at Lincoln Center, Walt Disney Concert Hall, or even on stage with the Rolling Stones (I'm still pinching myself about that one)!

…or you might have seen me wandering about the Renaissance Faire in full garb, complete with requisite cleavage on display. 😘

On the outside, it might seem like I've got it all together…

  • I'm singing on 3 GRAMMY Award winning albums
  • I collaborate with and record works by Pulitzer Prize winning composers
  • I wrote and produced a one-woman show exploring sexuality and gender power dynamics - and successfully premiered it in the middle of a pandemic!

But the road to where I am now has not been a straight line. It's full of twists and turns and a whole lot of heartache.

For years I lived in a constant state of self-doubt, knowing deep down that I had something really special to share with the world but worried what other people might think of me if I took the spotlight. I was plagued by an insidious voice in my head telling me I wasn't worthy of any attention… the few solos I did get were clearly flukes, according to this voice.

(I wonder if you are familiar with that voice too.)

Because of these doubts and fears, I figured I should content myself with staying in the background - being the helper, the sidekick.

But something else - a different voice, a quieter voice - kept nudging me forward, bit by bit, asking me what my legacy would be. At first I thought having children would be my legacy…but as each childless year went by, it became clear that motherhood was not in the cards for me.

It wasn't until I was faced with the possibility of having to start my career over completely (my husband had just gotten a new job and we were considering moving across the country to a place where I had very few connections) that I took a chance on the power of my own artistry.

I recorded and produced my debut solo album, one which featured music exclusively written and performed by women.

And suddenly I realized what kind of legacy I wanted to leave on the world: one in which marginalized voices are given a platform on which to be heard.

Fast forward to today: that album has led to opportunities like…

  • Prestigious recitals
  • National tours (in which I was a featured soloist)
  • Composers reaching out to me because they wanted to write for my voice!

More importantly, creating that album - producing it by myself, fundraising for it and marketing it all on my own - gave me the confidence I needed to show up as a woman who believed that amplifying diverse voices could make a positive impact on the world.

Leaning into my own creative project upleveled my career more than any audition ever could.

I want this success for you, too.

Because I truly believe that when we stop listening to the voice of fear - the one that tells us we're not worthy or that nobody wants to hear us - and start paying attention to that still, small voice in our hearts… THAT is when we tap into the impact we are meant to make on the world.

And THAT is when we become our most powerful, our most visible, and our most magnetic.

(and all of a sudden very hireable!)

So I want to know… what is YOUR inner voice nudging you to create?

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